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blue text defeat landlords. the word Join is below it with an arrow pointing at the letters DSA in a box with wavy red lines in reference to Maine DSA's road sign designs.

Defeat Landlords Sticker

Celebrate Maine DSA’s successful June 2023 defense of rent control against Portland landlords.

3×3″ | UV-Resistant

$ 4.00 each

Employees must organize before returning to work sticker in the style of a handwashing reminder sticker with a raised fist instead of hands being washed.

Workers Must Organize Stickers

A returning Maine DSA classic in the style of mandatory employee handwashing signage.

2.5×5″ | Not UV-Resistant

1 for $ 2.00

10 for $ 15.00

A white bumper sticker with large red letters saying Decommodify Housing. Along the right edge is the text Maine DSA dot org.

Decommodify Housing Bumper Sticker

Co-ops, public housing, and decommodified ownership structures for all! Show your support for tenants and unhoused people with this bumper sticker.

3×11.5″ | UV-Resistant

$ 4.00 each

a pile of red plastic hanging ornaments in the shape of the maine dsa logo.

Maine DSA Moose Logo Ornament

Show off your Maine DSA membership or your support for our work with one of these plastic ornaments made by a comrade.

(66x68x2mm | industrially-compostable PLA)

$ 10.00 each