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Exclusive Maine DSA Merch screen printed by a local comrade on canvas totes made in New Hampshire. A moose holding a rose in its mouth on one side and Maine Democratic Socialists of America on the other with wavy lines above and below the text.

Comrade-Made Tote Bags

These tote bags were screen printed by a member of Maine DSA on canvas totes made in New Hampshire.

$ 30.00 each

blue text defeat landlords. the word Join is below it with an arrow pointing at the letters DSA in a box with wavy red lines in reference to Maine DSA's road sign designs.

Defeat Landlords Sticker

Celebrate Maine DSA’s successful June 2023 defense of rent control against Portland landlords.

3×3″ | UV-Resistant

$ 4.00 each

Employees must organize before returning to work sticker in the style of a handwashing reminder sticker with a raised fist instead of hands being washed.

Workers Must Organize Stickers

A returning Maine DSA classic in the style of mandatory employee handwashing signage.

2.5×5″ | Not UV-Resistant

1 for $ 2.00

10 for $ 15.00

A white bumper sticker with large red letters saying Decommodify Housing. Along the right edge is the text Maine DSA dot org.

Decommodify Housing Bumper Sticker

Co-ops, public housing, and decommodified ownership structures for all! Show your support for tenants and unhoused people with this bumper sticker.

3×11.5″ | UV-Resistant

$ 4.00 each