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Chapter Leadership – Email,, or

Name, billing, and address change form
This form is necessary to update DSA’s information regarding this information. If you transfer to Maine DSA from another chapter and do not fill this out you will not appear in our membership rolls. Similarly, if you move, change your name, or change your billing address, neither Maine DSA nor National will be aware until you fill out this form. 

If you want to change your dues. It is a good idea to also email if you would like to switch from annual to monthly dues or vice versa. 

Local Dues
Unlike national dues, local dues go directly to the chapter which means they go a lot farther. Membership is contingent on paying national dues. Members do not have to pay local dues, but it is highly encouraged.

National constitution and bylaws

National leadership and structure

Harassment and grievance process
If a DSA member has violated the code of conduct this process is available to remedy the situation. Maine DSA has a separate, internal code of conduct and Harassment and Grievance policy which we would prefer to use if an issue arises between Maine DSA members before escalating to the national Harassment and Grievance Officers. To reach out to a Maine DSA HGO, email


National FAQ

National calendar

Misc resources for members

Training request form


DemLeft Blog

National emails opt-in
The Dispatch and NPC Newsletter, both monthly emails concerning national DSA affairs